LLC 101

Cierra Esq
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Here is the sign you needed to stop living in fear and to start living your passion!

If you’re someone who has always wanted to start a business, but you let excuses and fear get in the way, then you have come to the right place!

Learn how to start your business, and get a step-by-step guide that takes you from the beginning to the grand opening of your dream.

I created my Passion to Profit Bootcamp because I wanted to show other’s the possibilities that entrepreneurship has to offer. By the end of my 4-week course you will be ready to start the business you have been waiting to cross off your list. Here is what you can expect:

Week 1: Beginning Stages of Starting Your Business

Not sure if you should register your business as an LLC, Corporation, or Sole Proprietorship? Don’t worry! On day one of the Bootcamp, we go over all business entities and which one is right for YOU! We will also tackle the “Business Basis”:

* How to form an LLC step by step YOURSELF!

*Business Phone Number

* Virtual Address and Registered Agents

* Obtaining a Domain and Email Systems

* Licensing and Permits

Week 2: Hiring and Delegating tasks

The goal is to see your business GROW! Adding people to your team, and outsourcing work is going to lead to working smarter, and not harder. Learn how to expand your team, and learn the difference between hiring employees vs. independent contractors. We will also cover:

* Payroll Policies

* Hiring/Firing Standards

* Nondisclosure and Non-Compete Agreements

* Hiring Practices and Basic Employment Laws

* Customer Service standards for a successful business. Customer appreciation, retention, and satisfaction.

Week 3: Business Taxes and Accounting

You can’t expect to make money if you don’t know what you’re spending. Learn how to set up the financial side of your business, and how to stay prepared for Tax Season. In this week we break it down and get into the basics of finance, topics include:

* How LLCs and Corporations are Taxed

* What is Tax-Deductible

* Bookkeeping and Accounting Basics

* Software for taxes

* Business Losses and Failures

Week 4: Marketing and Social Media

As someone who was able to leverage social media to start multiple 6-figure businesses, I know how crucial building ones social media and having a targeted marketing strategy can be. This week, I share the strategy I created to grow my business. New to Instagram? No worries we cover the basics like:

* How to Create and Edit Reels


* Going Live

* Posts

* Highlights

* Insights


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LLC 101

86 ratings
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